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Whether you are looking to advertise your Android app or want to earn money with it, you’ve come to the right place. More than 40,000 apps use the AppBrain SDK already, sending high quality traffic to over 1000 app campaigns daily.

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Drive new users to your app and improve your app's visibility by running an install campaign on our ad network. Our worldwide non-incentivized traffic gives you access to high-quality users.

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Create a revenue stream by adding our non-intrusive ad units into your app. We maximize your revenue by selecting the best performing ads for every impression in your app.

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Analyze your app's market position and learn about your users with our free analytics. We turn the data from your app into valuable insights so that you can optimize your user acquisition and retention rate.

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AppBrain provides detailed information about all apps on Google Play. Look up your own or any other apps for ranking history and technical data, or just use the hot app lists and filtering system to discover which are the new exciting apps.

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